PHVANCED EAdvanced course on solar photovoltaic energy Headlines:

– Photovoltaic market
Quality project structure
– What risks should be assessed
– How contracts should be managed
– Design and technology – benefits
– Considerations for O&M with different technologies
– Project development considerations
– Necessary equipment certification
– Tests to perform to ensure quality
– Procurement contracts
– Good building practices
– Operation approaches
– Typical failures
– Technical maintenance
– Performance evaluation
– Risks and safety

PHVANCED EقHow to make a solar PV project bankable Headlines:

-practical steps, analysis, tools and templates with the IRENA Project Navigator

-Site selection for solar PV projects with IRENA Global Atlas

-Due diligence, contractual agreements and risk management from an investor’s perspective

-Case Study: Development and construction of a utility-scale solar PV in Iran

-Financing perspective

-Attracting renewable project financing with the
IRENA Sustainable Energy Marketplace

-Project financing options in the Islamic Republic of Iran

-Financing, political risk insurance and support for private equity investment fund

-Risk-sharing agreements to mobilize local private capital to fill financing gap

-Obtaining concessional debt financing with the IRENA/ADFD Project facility