Launch / Re-launch of Products

Face-to-face interaction and product demos help a lot when you want to launch / re-launch a new product in the market and no other event is better than an exhibition in successfully doing so, so avail your best opportunity.



Professional Networking

Iran REC 2017 is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts and leaders. They are local and international influencers who are well-aware of the fickle market trends and will be sharing their knowledge and valuable suggestions to help you stay ahead of the industry.



Business Growth

Iran REC will be attended by renowned exhibitors who will attract a number of prospects. This can be your chance to introduce your best products to these potential buyers and increase your sales.




Branding Opportunities

The marketing practice is t be there where you can reach out to the right audience and this is what Iran REC 2017 is all about. It offers you an ideal platform to be with the best brands of the industry, increases the visibility of your brand and improves the overall image of your brand in the minds of customers.


Iran Renewable Energy Conference 2018 will provide an outstanding space for those companies who are looking for the best. Last year IranREC hosted most of the great brands of renewable energy in its exhibition. In 2018 we are going to have our best again.
There are two types of exhibition booth:
1. Structured (ONLY Booths No. 13- 34): The exhibitor must pay the construction’s cost of exhibition building and if required, it is introduced by secretariat contractor and it will be constructed by your own idea and payment. (110€ per Square meters is just for the exhibition booth area)



2. Unstructured(ONLY Booths No. 1-12): It is just partitioned with no construction. (100€ per Square meters)


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