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Irish readiness to build solar power plant in Hamedan

Irish investors after visiting the Persian Gulf solar power plant in Hamedan province in order to get acquainted with the authorities and managers of the province at a meeting held by the General Directorate of Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province and with the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of the Governor and governors in the Governor’s Office Hameden, was present and ready to build 30 megawatt power plants on a land of 50 hectares and promised to increase the production of solar power plants up to 100 and 200 megawatts.
Irish investor Jerry Shannon also said in Qazvin, that we built a power plant of 30 megawatts and we are running a 100-megawatt power plant and now we are ready to build a 50-megawatt power plant in the Abdorah lands of Hamedan province. Each 100 MW solar power plant requires an investment of $ 140 million, of which we pay 25% of the stock, and the rest is to be fed through international banks. It is also planned to build a solar power plant in Qom province with the participation of Iranian investor.

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