A Brief Introduction of Iran Renewable Energy Association

Iran Renewable Energy Association (IrREA) is the only independent non-governmental syndicate in the Islamic Republic of Iran focusing on all kinds of renewable energy. The main activities of IrREA are increasing awareness, legitimation, promoting and institutionalizing the development of clean energy including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen energy. We Promote generation of electricity, heating and fuels from Renewable Energies in order to conserve fossil resources and to use clean energy.

Our Activity


* Giving awareness and required information to foreign investors about conditions of business in Iran.

* Facilitating the procedures of getting loans and required guarantees.

* Facilitating renewable energy projects and power plants financing.

* Creating a database of renewable energy experts.

* Interacting with all the companies, institutions, experts and effective actors in renewable energy promotion.

* Organizing international or domestic exhibitions and conferences on renewable energy.

* Promoting the collaboration of universities and research centers with industry.

* Identifying the critical problems in renewable energy field and

referring them to governmental agencies.

* Enhancing the role of renewable energy in the country’s major decision making policies.

* Facilitating the presence of foreign investors and manufacturers by consultation, introducing the profitable economic projects in Iran, helping to find a domestic partner in Iran, helping to obtain the necessary permissions and …



Dr. Barat Ghobadian

Chairman of IRAN REC 2018

Deputy Minister


Seyed Moslem Mousavi

CEO of Iran Renewable Energy Association

Iran REC Director